Runic Goat Skull necklace
Runic Goat Skull necklace
Runic Goat Skull necklace
Runic Goat Skull necklace

Runic Goat Skull necklace

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Introducing the Runic Goat Skull Necklace - a striking piece of Viking-inspired jewelry that is sure to turn heads! This necklace features a realistic goat skull with an intricate Valknut symbol etched into its forehead. The goat's head is encircled by powerful Viking runes, further enhancing its mystical allure.

A Meaningful Design

The goat skull is a symbol of strength and virility in Viking culture. It is also associated with the god Thor, who was known to wear a magical belt made from the hair of a goat. The Valknut symbol, on the other hand, represents the interconnectedness of the past, present, and future - a concept that was central to Viking belief. Together, these symbols create a potent talisman that embodies the spirit of the Viking warrior.

The pendant hangs on a sturdy chain, making it perfect for everyday wear, or for special occasions where you want to make a bold statement.

• Handmade ⚒️

• Stainless Steel

• Rustproof

• Waterproof 💧

• Every piece of Jewellery is inspected before Shipping 📦️

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