Ravens Remember Viking cup
Ravens Remember Viking cup
Ravens Remember Viking cup

Ravens Remember Viking cup

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Introducing the Ravens Remember Viking Drinking Cup: a tribute to the wise and mystical birds that accompany Odin on his journeys! 

The cup itself is made from genuine horn, showcasing the natural beauty of the material with its unique patterns and colors. The hand-carved depiction of the ravens captures the essence of these legendary birds, with their wings outstretched and eyes keenly observing the world around them.

A meaningful design

As you hold the Mystic Ravens Viking Drinking Cup in your hand, you can't help but be captivated by the symbolism and magic of these revered creatures. In Norse mythology, the ravens Huginn and Muninn are the messengers and companions of Odin, the Allfather, who is known for his wisdom, knowledge, and journeys. They represent the power of thought and memory, as well as the connection between the mortal and the divine.

Whether it's for feasts, gatherings, or as a display piece, the Odin's Ravens Viking Drinking Cup is sure to be a conversation starter and a cherished item for those who appreciate Viking culture and mythology. This stunning piece is guaranteed to impress!

• Hand Carved, Polished, Cleaned & Sealed

• Leak Proof Tested 💧

• Cups hold from 200ml/300ml

• TwoHours Of Workmanship! 

• Ethically Sourced 

• 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty 

NOTE: Our horn cups are handcrafted from real horn, which means that each one is unique. The color and shade of the cup you receive may be different from what you see in the pictures. Make sure you buy our cups because you love the exceptional carving/design and unbelievable quality, not because of the color or shade.

The Modern Viking craftsmanship and attention to detail are what sets our Cups apart from the rest. We guarantee that the quality of our items will blow you away. SKOL!

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