Copy of Our Story

Step into the Thrilling World of Vikings: Your Epic Modern Viking Adventure!

Ever wondered what would happen if the Vikings had access to online shopping and a touch of 21st-century flair? Well, welcome to the Modern Viking experience, where we're all about bringing the past to life in the most exciting and contemporary way possible!

 At Modern Viking, we're on a mission to keep the Viking legacy alive and kicking, and we're doing it with a twist of humor, a dash of personality, and a whole lot of Nordic style.

Our Saga Begins...

Picture this: our founder, a regular modern-day warrior, stumbled upon the epic TV series, Vikings, and suddenly, his life took a wild turn. It wasn't long before he was on an epic quest of his own – scouring the internet for the finest drinking horns and Viking accessories.

From drinking horns straight out of "Vikings" to the kind of blowing horns that would make Gandalf proud and mugs fit for a king or queen of Westeros, our founder was on a roll. But here's the kicker: the stuff he found just didn't quite cut it. It was like finding buried treasure, only to discover that it was mostly rusty old coins.

Having spent a solid decade in the world of sales, we knew that a product needed more than just functionality to win hearts. It needed a soul, a story, and a passion. And so, Modern Viking was born!

We embarked on an epic journey filled with sleepless nights, carving, and polishing our handmade horns and accessories. It was tough, like scaling the cliffs of a fjord, but boy, was it worth it!

Modern Viking Today

Fast forward to today, and behold – Modern Viking, an Australian-owned and operated treasure trove of Viking awesomeness. From iron forge axes to drinking horns that even Thor would envy, we've got it all. And guess what? They're not just any old accessories; they're pieces of history, reimagined for the modern adventurer.

Our Noble Quest

Our mission is straightforward: we're here to provide you with top-notch, handcrafted items that won't empty your treasure chest. And when it comes to customer service, rest assured it will be unparalleled, the best in the land.

 Why Choose Us?

Now, you might be wondering why you should embark on this epic journey with us. Well, here's why:


Quality Commitment: We don't mess around when it comes to quality. Our stuff is the real deal, built to withstand even the wildest Viking feasts.

So, fellow adventurer, welcome to the Modern Viking family! Grab your horn, sharpen your axe, and let's make history – together SKOL!