King Odin drinking horn
King Odin drinking horn
King Odin drinking horn
King Odin drinking horn
King Odin drinking horn

King Odin drinking horn

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Introducing the ultimate Viking drinking horn, The King Odin - a premium horn adorned with an intricate hand-carved Odin design. The premium deep line carving on this drinking horn gives a 3D effect that makes Odin come to life.

The story behind this design

Odin is known as the god of wisdom, war, and death, and is regarded as the father of all gods. The depiction of Odin sitting on his throne with his spear and helmet represents his power, strength, and intelligence, while his two ravens and wolves represent his constant companions that help him navigate the world of mortals.

Raise a horn to the king of the gods and feel the power of Odin coursing through your veins with every sip.

• Hand Carved, Polished, Cleaned & Sealed

• Leak Proof Tested 💧

• Horn Holds 300ml-500ml/20oz

• Twenty  Hours Of Workmanship! 

• Ethically Sourced 

• 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty 

NOTE: Our Viking drinking horns are handcrafted from real horn, which means that each one is unique. The color and shade of the mug you receive may be different from what you see in the pictures. Make sure you buy our drinking horns because you love the exceptional carving/design and unbelievable quality, not because of the color or shade.

The Modern Viking craftsmanship and attention to detail are what sets our drinking horns apart from the rest. We guarantee that the quality of our items will absolutely blow you away. SKOL!

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