Modern Viking is thrilled to unveil our latest skull collection, crafted in collaboration with the EXCEPTIONAL TEAM AT SKULL BLISS. Known for their unparalleled skill and dedication, Skull Bliss artisans spend over four weeks painstakingly carving these remarkable designs. Every intricate detail and stunning photograph is a testament to the INCREDIBLE WORK of our friends at SKULL BLISS.

In our quest to bring you authentic, genuine skulls from the heart of Australia, we scoured the land, only to encounter resin and plastic imitations that fell short of the true Viking spirit. But fear not, for Modern Viking remains committed to upholding the Viking way! Our new collection features meticulously sourced Buffalo, Cow, and Ram skulls, with plans to broaden our selection in the near future.

What sets our skulls apart is that each one is meticulously handcrafted to order. From the cleaning process to the intricate carving and final shipment, our dedication to quality and authenticity shines through in every skull we offer.