Norse cow skull grey - MUST GO SALE!
Norse cow skull grey - MUST GO SALE!
Norse cow skull grey - MUST GO SALE!
Norse cow skull grey - MUST GO SALE!
Norse cow skull grey - MUST GO SALE!
Norse cow skull grey - MUST GO SALE!

Norse cow skull grey - MUST GO SALE!

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This exquisite Cow skull, measuring 14.5 to 16 inches (37-41 cm) in height without the horns and 20 to 22 inches (51-55 cm) in height including the horns, showcases the unparalleled artistry of Balinese craftsmen. The Viking design intricately carved into this skull is a testament to their exceptional skill.

We prioritize ethical sourcing, ensuring that only responsibly obtained skulls are used in the creation of our pieces. To safeguard the beautiful real horns during shipping, they are detached, and each skull is equipped with wire on the back for easy wall mounting.

Due to the organic nature of these skulls, each one possesses its own unique characteristics, with variations in size and shape. This inherent individuality transforms each skull into a genuine and distinctive work of art.

The Hand-Carved Cow Skull - Gray Norseman holds a significant place in our collection, symbolizing protection and prophecy. It bestows a positive shield upon your space, merging authentic materials with the profound influence of Viking mythology. This results in a stunning piece of home decor that is sure to captivate attention.

Our commitment to crafting each skull with precision and care is evident in the craftsmanship of our artisans, who have honed their skills over years. They expertly bring out intricate details on robust, ethically sourced materials, ensuring the highest quality for your home decor.

Height (without horns) 9.8/25 cm
Height (with horns) 15.7 /40 cm
Width (without horns) 5.5 /14 cm
depth 5/12cm

Conquer the care of your mighty drinking horn and ensure it battles through countless feasts! Just like a trusty axe, your horn needs love too.

  1. Wash Like a Viking: Gently hand-wash with cool water and mild soap. Vikings didn’t have dishwashers, and neither should your horn.
  2. Banish the Heat: Keep your horn away from the longships’ fire! Heat can warp and damage the horn’s noble form.
  3. Oil for Glory: Occasionally coat the inside with natural oil to preserve its majestic look and feel—think of it as armor for your drinking partner.
  4. Display with Pride: When not in use, place your horn on its stand as a trophy. It’s not just a drinking tool; it’s a conversation starter!

Follow these steps and your horn will be ready for every toast and tale. Skål!

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